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Rutu's Kreations Terracotta Jewellery Necklace Sets Bangalore Online Shopping
Rutu's Kreations Terracotta Jewellery Jhumkas Bangalore Online

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Rutu's Creatioins Terracotta Jewellery

Beautiful Hand-crafted Jewelry, good options for gifting

- Soumya Rao, IT Professional
Rutus Creations Terracotta Jewellery

Jewelry at Rutu's Kreations appeals to me because of its superb finishing that I never found anywhere else.The designs are modern and colour scheme unique. Besides, you also get the advantage of getting a customised jewelry.

Rutus Creations Terracotta Jewellery

Discovering Rutu’s Kreations was a breath of fresh air, stunning jewellery which is unique, pleasing to the eye, and highly creative.

- Tina Kocharekar, IT Professional
- Debanjana Rao, Artist, Entepreneur

Indulging oneself in creative shaping of clay is a great stress-buster for adults as well as for the children. There is enormous joy in transforming the imagination into an 3D object in clay.

Rutu's Kreations conducts clay related creative learning activities in Bangalore, India. The courses are designed to ensure good understanding and hands-on experience in the area. One-to-one attention to the participants is provided to build up a confidence level so as to bring the ideas into reality, independently.

Rutu's Kreations also gives you a chance to buy Terracotta Jewellery like Terracotta Necklace Sets, Terracotta Earrings, Terracotta Accessories, Terracotta Kids Collections and Clutches. You can also buy them online on this site.

Rutu's Creations Clay workshop for kids
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