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Terracotta Jewellery Necklace Set - NH575

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Description :

Terracotta Necklace Set with chequered design which matches Khun weaving sarees and fabric. The pendant is aesthetically designed in such a way that not only khun sarees, but it goes very well with any traditional or modern fabric. The earrings are in the form of Mango shaped tops which resemble the Nath (Nosering) of Maharashtra. Light weight and elegant this necklace is a connoisseurs choice. Khun weaving pattern is a specialty of North Karnataka in India.

Length of Necklace : Adjustable, upto 30 cm

Length of Tops : 2 cms

Width of Tops : 1.5 cm

Width of Pendant : 3.5 Cms

Material : Good Quality Natural Clay fired at 800 Degree Celcius

Color : Antique Silver, Orange, Green
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